Monday, April 18, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail.....

Well, I don't know about you....but I LOVE Easter !! I mean, what's not to love....there's chocolate, chocolate and oh, did I mention chocolate?!!

The children get so excited about the thought of the Easter Bunny coming and leaving them some eggs and and enjoying a chocolate filled breakfast !! I just love the company of my children, husband and our families, taking some time out of our busy schedules and just relaxing.

Our families are coming together this year for Easter which would have to be a first for as long as I can remember, and because our children are a little older, I decided to put together a lovely Easter Buffet for the children {and of course the adults!} to enjoy and create a lasting memory.

I started working on the centrepiece for our buffet and I cannot wait to show you all the final results, after Easter Sunday.

I really hope that the Easter Bunny is good to you all and you have a safe and Happy Easter xo

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  1. Such sweet images! I love the yellow and blue! I love Easter too, it's my favorite holiday!



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