Wednesday, February 23, 2011 opposed to colour

I don't know about you, but I just love white for everything!! To decorate with white creates a relaxing atmosphere in which one enjoys to be around.

I love white in wall colours.....simple, clean and spacious. But you must be careful when choosing white for a room and remembering that white makes a room appear spacious and if the room is already quite large, then you may want to avoid white and go for a more neutral, or warmer colour. If this is the case then white can be added in furnishings, lamps, curtains or rugs.

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful colour choice for a particular room as in bedroom or living areas where your family spend a great deal of time.....and keeping in mind the room size.....then white would be a lovely solution. Incorporating soft colours in blue, taupes, pinks, will add to the mood you are trying to achieve.

The other advantage of having your walls in a white, whether a cool or warm white, means less hassle for you when you change your mind about furnishings and colour schemes!! If you are anything like me, that would be every year!!!

Just remember, that white can be quite stark if not used properly. Choose your colours wisely and make sure the area which you are painting portrays the message and feeling you intend it too. Do you want your guests to feel calm and welcomed as they enter or are you wanting to excite them with something bright and creative??


  1. Of course once again i have a few of these Love them all great find :)

  2. Hi Lo, love your blog and business. So glad to have stumbled accross it! Letitia- The White Shed


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